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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : May 28, 2019

Ideal Marketing Strategies Most Entrepreneurs Use

Here are some of the best marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, and some of them cater to small budgets.

by BizReport

New startup companies and entrepreneurs often don't have a huge budget for marketing campaigns. After plowing investment into designing an innovative product or service, there needs to be more money to find your customer base - or should we say, for them to find you. Here are some of the best marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, and some of them cater to small budgets.

The First Step: Budget

Before you embark on your marketing campaigns and create winning content, you need to devise a marketing plan and that means making a budget. Marketing can be cheap, or it can be expressive. Holding the reigns on your marketing spending should be done with a tight grip, so make sure you start with a real budget that is feasible and can be adhered to.

Look for Influencers

Influencers can offer one avenue to market that often gets neglected by newer businesses. Naturally, you will not be able to strike deals with the biggest influencers on YouTube and other social media at first. However, you can find influencers that have a bigger following that your business's new social media - more on that later. Let's be honest, most people will have a bigger following than new startups will have so attracting middle of the road influencers and agreeing partnerships can be one way of growing your own following.

Go Local

A popular option among entrepreneurs is to think locally. Even if you have bigger ambitions for a nationwide or international market, walking before you can run helps. If you seek out local events and occasions that your business can take part in, you can grow your audience from close to home first and help get things off the ground. Think town markets, charity dinners and local award shows. There are plenty of local occasions your business can put their name to and attract interest.

Don't Cut Corners Online

Telling you that you need a website is like telling your gran to suck eggs. In this day and age, everyone knows the importance and benefits of a strong online presence. However, they usually try to cut corners. The best entrepreneurs don't. They pay for keyword researchers, other SEO specialists and professional copywriters. This is one of the reasons why mFortune bingo enjoys so much success, as the brand recognises the value of doing it the right way. Without a team to produce your website, a self-hack job may cost you a lot of customers and business over time.

Social Media

Social media offers a plethora of marketing opportunities. If you have the budget for paid advertising, then make sure you carry it out strategically by considering all aspects. However, most entrepreneurs at the beginning of their venture may find it more cost-effective to start by building a following with their pages. You can do this by asking local companies for recommendations, post valuable content and start interacting with others

Remember this mix of popular and sometimes-forgotten strategies when marketing as a new entrepreneur or startup. These tips may just make all the difference for your business.


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