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BizReport : Email Marketing : May 30, 2019

6 Must-Have Email Marketing Automation Strategies for Ecommerce

As ecommerce continues to grow in importance in almost every industry in the world, email marketing will continue to grow in a similar way. It is much easier to market an ecommerce business to someone who is already online than to do it any other way.

by BizReport

Just like any other type of marketing, you cannot just throw a bunch of things out and hope something sticks. Marketing that way does nothing but waste time and money.

In today's world, you must have an email marketing strategy that also manifests itself over other channels of electronic communication. By reading the following you will find six email marketing automation strategies that will improve your ecommerce business.

Welcome Emails

The first strategy that you should employ is a simple welcome email to any new visitor that gives you their information. Not only did they visit your site specifically, but they want and expect some sort of information or they would not have provided their email address.

This welcome email should not push your products, but rather welcome your new customer, give them some relevant information about your company, and provide them with possible next steps.

Remember, your welcome email is your first communication with a new subscriber so make sure it is high quality and relevant.



Personalization can be anything from adding a persons name to a newsletter to providing information that is specific to their tastes. Personalization can only happen if you have strong analytics, but it can show your customer that you know and care about them.

If you cannot personalize content and product offerings to your customers, your email communication and marketing strategy will become less effective.

In fact, the more impersonal communication a person receives, the more likely they are to unsubscribe and the more likely you are to lose a customer. Make sure you have the capability and drive to personalize your email marketing.

Re-Engaging Customers

Existing customers are more likely to purchase again than new customers. This has been a basic premise of marketing for a long time.

When you re-engage a customer, you are working with a customer that you know and have collected data on so that it should be more cost effective to market to them again.

Email Series

Email series, as far as email marketing automation goes, can greatly increase your success rates for opens, clicks, and orders. The key is to only use series on important dates or marketing pushes throughout the year, do not overuse this strategy.

An email series is when you use multiple emails about the same topic to increase a customer's awareness or desire to purchase your products. They usually happen over a specified period of time and culminate in a specific date or sale offering.

There are different times of the year and different milestones when an email series will be most effective. An example of an email series would be one used leading up to a customer's birthday.

The first email would be to wish your customer "happy birthday" and let them know something special is coming.

The second email in the series would be to specify what type of promotion will be offered on their birthday.

The third and final email of the series would be on the customer's actual birthday, it would be very noticeable, and it would show them what types of discounts are being offered.


Upselling a customer on a product has been a successful marketing strategy for as long as marketing has been around. When you have a customer and know their needs and wants, it is easy to try to meet those needs with the best available product.

Upselling has a lot to do with personalization and understanding your customers, so this is really the first step in upselling. However, if you know what drives your customers in their purchase making decisions, upselling can be one of your most effective strategies.

Abandoned Cart Messages

Abandoned cart messages may be the most basic and most used marketing automation strategies. When a customer abandons their cart, you know that they were close to purchasing whatever was there.

Abandoned cart messages can be something as simple as reminding a customer that they were about to make a purchase in hopes that they still want to. They can also be as complicated as offering discounts to customers on the items that were almost purchased.



There are many great tools, theories, and organizations that can help you improve your email marketing. The key word to effective email marketing, however, is "strategy."

Your strategy is the difference between a good email marketing campaign and successful ecommerce business. When your email marketing tools and content meet a strong email marketing "strategy," only then will you see your ecommerce business succeed.


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