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BizReport : Search Marketing : May 01, 2019

5 Best Practices of Guest Posting to Boost Your Ranking

Ranking higher in search engines is a dream of every digital business. Alas, if only it was this easy.

by BizReport

One of the best ways to rank higher in search engines is by providing quality material to Google. In result, Google will test that material by ranking the website higher for a few days. If more people bounce back from those pages, it will eventually decrease the rankings of keywords of that website. This is the natural process of Google SERPs.
Now, this is just one way of ranking pages by Google. In fact, Google is testing multiple algorithms at the same time and ranks pages accordingly. One algorithm is Rank Brain. This algorithm searches for web pages that have backlinks from high authority domains and rank them higher.

For example, if your website has a backlink from 80+ DA website, which in our case can be,, then your website will rank higher on its desired keywords.

But there is a catch. If everyone could rank their websites higher in this way, then everyone would have made a backlink on these high DA websites. Right? Wrong.

In reality, not everyone can get backlinks from 80+ DA websites because they just don't give backlinks. So, these small websites have to get links from mid-sized DA websites that have a DA between 30+ and 60+. These websites are open to guest posting opportunities.
So, in this article, we will discuss some of the best practices that can help you boost your website rankings by getting links from high DA websites.

5 Best Practices for Guest Posting in 2019
While it is 2019, things haven't changed much. Quality still matters. Better content can work like a charm to increase your rankings. And, the more, the merrier still counts true.

With that said, here are the best ways to guest post and rack higher rankings on search engines.

1. Think & Act Like an Author

Did you ever hear the term 'fake it till you make it'? Well it holds true for almost anything. If you want to become a better author, then show it through your writing. People should know that you have command over the subject. That you are not just firing in the air and have practical experience. This you can do by adding images, videos, and even examples from other reputed sources.

Shopify is a great example. It writes about dropshipping, ecommerce, and store maintenance topics. But what sets it apart from the rest is its compilation of posts from multiple places. It also takes interviews of others and adds them to the articles to give them more weightage.

You can also do the same. Simply ask people on Quora, Reddit, and Haro. Now make a listicle about what these people have said about the topic.

Now publish this article as a guest post on a relevant blog and see how Google gets to your site sniffing the keywords, resulting in higher SERPs.

2. Provide More than Your Promised

The first rule of a guest post is to offer more than you have promised. I personally provide a complete article outline and a one-liner text with each topic, while pitching for guest post. This helps the website admins decide if my article will be a good fit for them or not. And, when I am writing, I try to add more value. This can be through anything like adding a new point, or by adding a video, or images that were not mentioned in the pitching email. No one can say no to free resources. Not even guest posting websites.
Try this same rule whenever you pitch to a guest posting site next time.

3. Be Active in Comments
One way to form a relation with the admin of a guest posting website is by staying active in comments. Many people are able to publish a guest post on the website of their choice just by commenting relevant, and necessary comments. Website admins are always looking for thought-provoking comments. And, when they see that someone is providing them, they get impressed.

Now, when the same person will email them for a guest posting opportunity, they won't say no.

In fact, Guest Post Tracker says that one of the best way to make yourself stand out while pitching for guest post is by posting resourceful comments about the topic.

4. Find a Guest Post Broker

More guest posts are always better to rank your website. And, you can't always get guest posts by pitching the website owners. So, what you should do is find guest post brokers or reputed guest posting services. These guest post brokers will keep a commission for publishing your content on relevant guest posting websites. The result? Quality backlinks that you can use to get higher rankings in the search results.
Tip: Guest post brokers may quote a higher price in the start. But you can bargain with them. Also, if you offer them to write your own article they will reduce the price of guest posting.

5. Turn Traffic On Guest Post to Leads with Bonus Material

While guest posting is great, how can you convert the traffic coming to your website through guest posts into leads? By making them land on an optin page.
Brian Dean tells about a special formula that he uses to get more leads through guest posts. HE Creates a hook. The hook is also called as the 'Squeeze' page because it will squeeze the email address of the user.
Here is how the squeeze page usually looks like.


Once the person clicks on the 'Access the Bonus Section' he will be asked to enter his email address and name or other information.
Something along the lines as mentioned in the image below.

6. Bonus Tip: Provide a Summary Video Or Infographic

Finally, while all this is great. If you really want to stand out as a guest author then create a stunning infographic image or video. These are some ways that will create an impact. In fact, people will forget the crux of the article when they are on the last paragraph. So, a video or an infographic on the same topic will summaries all the details and make it easy for people to remember the summary of the article.


These are some of the best practices to boost your rankings on search engines and to get more traffic to your website. But, they won't work if you are not consistent and innovative. The only reason people get success in guest posting it because they keep on trying new things.
So, keep trying new things and let us know what we have missed in this article.


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