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BizReport : Social Marketing : April 25, 2019

Expert: How brands can make the most of non-social budgets

Earlier this month, Facebook announced changes to how they measure ads. This change will, of course, change how businesses use the social giant as part of their campaigns, and it could change the way consumers interact with ad messages in the social space. But, according to one expert, the changes could also help brands engage better outside of social because the insights gained from Facebook campaigns could be used outside of the social network.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How might Facebook-specific data be used elsewhere by businesses?

Tyson Quick, Instapage: Businesses can get better insights into the expected success of campaigns and use that across other marketing channels. Now that you are able to see expected engagement rates and quality metrics you can understand what language might resonate with your audience and use it elsewhere. The most obvious channel would be in your organic Facebook posts, but this language can be tested in emails, content, post-click pages, and even other advertising platforms.

Kristina: What other trends are you watching in the digital ad space?

Tyson: Google recently announced the sunsetting of Average Position metric, which is another update along the lines of Facebook changing its own ad metrics. These changes point to a bigger trend of ad platforms aligning the information they provide with the KPIs that advertisers truly value. As the post-click experience becomes a bigger emphasis for advertisers, ad platforms are starting to showcase the metrics that will drive more conversions and sales.

Of course, clicks and impressions are how ad platforms make their money, so they will always want to guide you toward getting more. However, they also understand that the conversions and sales are what advertisers care about most, so they can no longer ignore the post-click experience. A consistent rise in conversion-centered metrics, such as page-speed, will continue to come into focus. Advertisers would be wise to get ahead of the trend by putting more efforts into crafting a better experience after the click for their visitors.

Kristina: How can businesses ensure they are making the most of their ad budgets?

Tyson: $273 Billion was spent on digital advertising last year, yet fewer than 4% of visitors converted. Even before these metric changes, optimizing the post-click experience was vital. Conversions are what drive revenue and demands your attention. Now, Facebook has announced that ad rankings will take into account how well advertisers convert visitors. The best way to ensure you are making the most of your ad budget is to build a personalized experience for visitors that will encourage more conversions.

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