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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : March 27, 2019

Study: Consumers feel brand marketing "ineffective"

Researchers have a warning for brands: their marketing efforts aren't connecting with consumers. That's a key takeaway from Acquia's new Closing the CX Gap report, which found that most consumers (56%) say brands' messaging is ineffective for them.

by Kristina Knight

The report also highlights the fact that brands feel tech advances are making it even harder for them to connect with their audiences (69%).

We asked an Acquia exec to help us dive deeper into the results.

Kristina: Why do you think U.S. consumers care more about quality vs. cadence of brand messages?

Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia: Consumers as a whole agree they're not seeing what they want from brands. Yet, 63 percent of U.S. consumers feel brands interact with them the right amount, according to a recent Acquia global survey. So where exactly are brands missing the mark? Our research indicates that it's not the cadence of interactions, but the quality that's impacting how consumers feel about brand marketing.

Consider how many messages you receive a day from brands. Whether via email, ads on social media or even SMS, you probably pay attention to a small handful at best. While the frequency may be fine, can you recall the last time one of these campaigns really stood out to you? If you're having trouble coming up with something, you're not alone.

Of consumers surveyed, 59 percent couldn't remember when a brand last exceeded their expectations. Marketers must remember that the key to gaining consumer loyalty starts with making sure their messages stand out in a crowded inbox. To do this, marketers must generate the right data and most importantly, act on it to deliver intelligent, personalized messages. Consumers want to feel like brands know them and the more relevant the message is, the greater their brand loyalty will be.

Kristina: Why are U.S. marketers less focused on tech innovation, like AI and IoT?

Lynne: While you may think today's advanced technology should help marketers be more efficient and drive greater results, U.S. marketers disagree. The majority of those surveyed believe technology has actually made it harder, not easier, for them to offer customized personalized experiences. Even though marketers have adopted technologies meant to improve their customer experience efforts, they're still lacking. Additionally, 80 percent of respondents think their customers are still eager for higher levels of personalization than they can currently offer. Compared to other regions, marketers in the U.S. are the least confident their customer experience technology vendors will support them if there's an interruption in service.

With this lack of confidence, it's understandable why U.S. marketers are less interested in adopting technologies like AI and IoT in the near future. They're also less likely to be working toward linking with in-home devices, such as Amazon's Alexa or Apple's iHome than marketers in other countries. U.S. marketers realize that above all the tools out there, insight is the most important factor. Before investing in these technologies, they want to really understand where customers connect and what their motivations are. Data is one of the key elements to measuring success and technology can complement it to better engage customers, but only when used effectively.

Kristina: How loyal are U.S. consumers to brands they engage with?

Lynne: U.S. consumers demonstrate higher levels of brand loyalty than other countries with 59 percent saying that once they are loyal to a brand, the brand has their loyalty for life. This explains why they're more forgiving than consumers in other parts of the world. Even if they have a bad experience, U.S. consumers are the least likely of all countries surveyed to move on from a brand and find a new one.

More than 75 percent of U.S. consumers agree that if a brand understands them at a personal level, they are more likely to be loyal. To accomplish this, brands must have the right insight, tools and resources they need to compete. This allows them to better reach consumers in an authentic, relevant way and directly contributes to brand loyalty.

More data from Acquia's 2019 Closing the CX Gap report can be accessed here.

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