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BizReport : Advertising archives : January 23, 2019

How AI, smart cars, social could impact 2019

As the digital space continues to grow and fragment, many marketers are wondering how and where to invest marketing dollars. AI is interesting, but are consumers ready? Social seems to work for some but is it too packed already? We asked a digital expert what he foresees for 2019.

by Kristina Knight

CMOs will Begin Experimenting with AI

"In 2019 and beyond, we expect more marketers to experiment with process automation and AI. Data is, and always will be, of the utmost importance to marketers. Declarative data around consumer opinion and sentiment is a strong signal that marketers can use to make informed targeting, messaging and budget decisions," said Kyle Lelli, General Manager, Tylt. "The influx of data also means that the role of the CMO will continue to grow. New technologies, devices and channels introduce new revenue opportunities and give customers greater flexibility in how they choose interact with a brand. Marketers are the owners and stewards of the messages and promises that the brand has to deliver on. As such, we expect AI and automation to free marketers from the data deluge to focus on what truly matters: humanizing the brand, delighting customers and sustaining authentic connections over time."
Social Marketing to Gen Z Goes Beyond the Big 4

"Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap are all important platforms offering unique experiences for connecting different people. Gen Y, Millennials and Gen Z will continue to use the platforms that their friends are on and that provide utility for their passions and interests. But no matter what demographic, people only have so much time. Facebook will continue to be a dominating and important channel for marketers, but platforms like VSCO, Discord and Twitch will continue to gain traction with younger audiences. Reddit should also be a part of many more marketing plans to capture the elusive attention of Gen Z," said Lelli.
Connected Cars Will Be Mobile Living Rooms & The Next Marketing Battleground

"Autonomous and fully connected cars will eventually be mobile living rooms. All of the rich opportunity that brands and Media & Entertainment companies have across devices and screens will become a reality in the car once consumers hands are free from driving," said Lelli. "Further down the road (pun intended), 5G networks will be activated at scale across the country. Cars and devices are currently being tested and engineered to exist on the 5G network, which will create new opportunities for marketers to gather data, create experiences and engage with customers."
For Content Publishers, Subscription Only Scratches the Surface

"Digital experiences have given rise to an online subscription economy, but content publishers are only scratching the surface. Publishers must move beyond the single transaction of earning subscriptions to fostering audience participation through polls, audio and embedded rich media for storytelling. To get over this threshold, publishers can create a consistent feedback loop to understand and then publish the content their audience truly cares about.  Using opinion gathering tools - like an online poll - helps to generate content ideas that an audience is tied-to emotionally, deepening their personal commitment to a brand," said Lelli.
Chatter Matters Even More: Social Word of Mouth Will Evolve in 2019

"Consumer choice is thriving, and most businesses don't have the luxury of being indispensable.
The social web provides ample opportunity for brands to establish connections and grow through traditional word-of-mouth referrals, the "holy grail" of marketing. When people love a brand, product or experience, many of them will rave about it to their friends and family. Others won't share despite loving the brand and require an incentive to do so, said Lelli. "Unfortunately, most marketers don't have social word-of-mouth referral experiences directly built into their product or service.  In 2019 and beyond, we expect marketers to build points of engagement - like shareable polls and more - directly into the product, service or experience to encourage more impactful social-driven word of mouth."
In A Golden Age of Entertainment, M&E Companies Usher in More Viewer Opinion

"In another "Golden Age of entertainment," an increasing number of media and entertainment companies are moving beyond a passive viewing experience to remain competitive. In 2019, we expect more M&E companies to tap into their passionate fan bases. They will ask viewers more questions about what they like and should be investing in and then use those opinions to shape content decisions and experiences.  This approach will foster a feedback loop with audiences and drive deeper engagement and evangelism over time," said Lelli.

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