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BizReport : Advertising : November 05, 2018

How "active enthusiasts" are influencing the data market

SilverLine, the pioneer in predictive data analytics for active lifestyle brands and mass participation sports events, has increased by a third the number of events it creates data for by partnering with The Healthy Kids Running Series. So we asked founder and CEO Jayme Anne Goldberg to tell us more about this fast growing market:

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Exactly what is the "active enthusiast market?"

Jayme Anne Goldberg, CEO, SilverLine: One of 3 people in the US participates in running, cycling, obstacle racing, or triathlon.  They tend to be experiential focused and motivated by health and well-being, as you might expect. But, they are also relatively affluent AND in the process of participating in one of 650 mass participation events we partner with, also consume A LOT of hospitality & travel/ food, drink, nutrition/footwear/ wearable technology/apparel/ fitness gear/training, fitness - even streaming music and eye wear. That is about $30 billion in spending annually.

Prior to SilverLine, there was no digital aggregation and organization of this audience for marketers.   Through creating a connected digital network, SilverLine enables brands to target audiences aggregated across those 650 hyper-local markets events where engagement, market penetration, sales conversions, new customer acquisition can be executed, measured and analyzed on a national scale. Not unlike brand national programs with the NFL or the NBA that are organized around the "Fan Journey"
Kristina: And you can help brands reach these folks?
Jayme: We are the first and only data analytics company focused exclusively in the active enthusiast space. SilverLine helps race sponsors and major brands reach 60 million of them through media (some of it social media). But the heart of our business is the 10 million unique consumer profiles in our database. Those profiles are a proprietary mix of valuable and hard-to-get first-party and third-party online and offline behavioral data to generate high-fidelity profiles of active lifestyle enthusiasts that allow us to connect our brand partners with just the right audience at just the right time.  
SilverLine is able to deliver our analytics to partner events at no cost because the reach and quality of our network allows us to tap into national digital advertising budgets from brands targeting active lifestyle enthusiasts. The SilverLine network adds a level of visibility to media and sponsorship investment that individual events can't. We activate these online- and social media-based campaigns in collaboration with opted-in partner events on a revenue-sharing basis.
Kristina: What is the unique value that you unlock for your partner brands and events?
Jayme: SilverLine's analytics help brands deepen their engagement with -- and influence behavior among -- this giant audience. Our proprietary data models are forward focused - on future events.  In the fight for attention and market share, media impressions aren't enough; for a brand to really resonate, it must add value and enrich an experience. Messaging during the athlete journey (think here training for and participating in events) informed by SilverLine's analytics, establishes that rare connection, and our ongoing measurement blazes a direct path of attribution to prove ROI.
Our partner events have invested a tremendous amount of sweat equity to learn more about what their participants want on race-day -- from the right snacks at the rest stops to the right band playing at the finish line party -- and exceed their expectations. SilverLine's analytics give event directors equally sharp insight into their digital audience's content consumption and needs and shopping habits so they can be consultative resources to help sponsors better engage throughout the athlete journey. Working hand in hand with sponsors to measure and improve ROI accelerates SilverLine's partner events to the leading edge of service and accountability. And with a reliable profile of who their best customers are *now,* our partner events can more effectively target and attract the next wave of participants.
Kristina: What are the biggest challenges?
Jayme: Brands do not have experience with our industry and audience - so there's a learning/education curve.  They think of the audiences as unreachable in a scalable, digital fashion because they are all hyper-local and were previously never considered for digital budgets - data analytics/media on a national scale. But we are making great progress with brands like Lululemon using us for a third year to support their just-completed Ghost Race series. 

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