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BizReport : Internet : November 23, 2018

4 Ways to Improve Personal Finance

Whether it's to pay off bills, cover a major expense or something else, sometimes, you need money quickly.

by BizReport

The good news is, this is 100% possible. Here are four ways to make some extra income for when you need money now.

Sell Unneeded Items

One of the best ways to make money quickly, without requiring you to pick up an extra job or really do any work, is selling unneeded items that you have in your house. Take a quick inventory of your possessions and notice what you haven't used or worn in a while. Are there things you can easily get rid of and sell for a profit? Specifically look to your technology. Oftentimes, we upgrade our technology, like our cell phones or computers, but hold on to the old version, just in case we still need it for some reason (but we usually never do!). See what you can see around your house to make money quickly. There are many apps and other online platforms that help you sell items quickly to people who may be looking for them

Driving for Uber and Lyft

Another great way to make money quickly is by signing up to drive for Uber or Lyft. It's easy to get started driving for both of these apps, and there's a low barrier to entry as well. The only requirement is that users have a car - from there they can easily sign up through the app, and pending approval, start driving on your own time. So, even if you have a busy schedule during the day, or have other engagements that take up your time, you can still squeeze in some driving time to make some extra money quickly. If you have a car, consider signing up for a driving app to make some extra money.

Working as a Delivery Person

If you like the idea of signing up for an app-based service to make extra money, another option is to start driving for delivery apps, such as Ubereats, Postmates, and Grubhub. These delivery apps are very popular because they allow restaurants and other vendors to easily deliver their items to willing customers, but they require "middlemen" - drivers to sign up to deliver the food.

You can easily sign up to work as a delivery person in a matter of minutes. Again, one of the only base requirements is that you have a car with which you can complete the delivery orders. Plus, you may even score some discounts on orders of your own, which can help you save money on your own expenses.

Reallocate your money

Another way to make money fast is to take a look at your existing financial situation and make any emergency transfers. Can you liquidate any assets? Do you have a long-term savings account that you can drain? These aren't ideal options, but if your situation is dire enough, and you have money tied up in other places, it's something you can use. Take stock of your current situation and move forward based on your needs.


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