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BizReport : Advertising archives : October 02, 2018

Top 3 tips for better audience connection

Connecting with audiences has never seemed so simple while remaining a difficult task. From digital advertising to social media to traditional advertising, there are hundreds of places to put brands' advertising spend. But, while there are more places than ever, many brands still struggle with the basics of connection. Here are three tips to help brands improve their audience connection.

by Kristina Knight

Improve the Human Experience

"Our industry has long been a follower, riding on the coattails of new technology. Historically, we'd wait until critical mass was achieved on certain modalities or platforms (mobile being the latest example) and start pushing marketing budgets and creative strategies toward those," said Jim Johnson, VP of Account Planning, Exponential. "We need to think less about following the technology and more about improving the human experience moving forward. For example, the move from analog to digital devices created a seismic shift in how people consume media and content, but it didn't change their behavior as human beings, curious for information or longing for social interaction. The brands who understand their customers' needs and fulfill them consistently while respecting their privacy and user experience will win their loyalty, just as they always have at any point in history."

Create a Two-Way Conversation between  Brands and Consumers

"As digital marketers, we didn't fully embrace the idea of brands facilitating a two-way conversation with their customers until recently with the advent of social media, and even then, creating engaging content and delivering that content in an engaging manner are often deprioritized in favor of tactics that are easier to execute," said Johnson. "Providing content that's important to your customers gives them another reason to spend time with your brand and to become involved in its mission. It's also vitally important to gather customer feedback at every step of their consumer journey so that brands can eliminate pain points and reduce friction along the way. Giving the customer valuable non-sales content and the opportunity to be heard ensures that they'll feel appreciated, deepening their emotional and financial investment over the long term."

Build a Better Brand

"Branding through digital media has often been neglected in favor of direct response tactics, but adding interactivity to video affords brands the opportunity to drive outcomes while simultaneously moving the needle on brand affinity metrics. This also has the dual benefit of helping a brand learn which products or services draw consumers in, while giving the customer the ability to preview the brand's offerings without leaving their current digital environment. You can't expect all customers to eventually find your website via search; promoting your brand on the customer's native environment and device through units such as opt-in interactive video create memorable experiences and drive better brand recall and favorability, resulting in a win-win for both parties," said Johnson.

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