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BizReport : October 25, 2018 Archive

October 25, 2018 Archive

Internet | October 25, 2018

Why No One Can Agree Where the Supply Chain Is Headed

Despite a well-documented and well-understood path of development that's led us to this moment in the history of the supply chain, experts can't agree where we're headed in the future--making it difficult for companies to anticipate and prepare for the inevitable changes to come. >>

Ecommerce | October 25, 2018

Expert: How digital storefronts are bringing customers into stores

While more and more shoppers are beginning their shopping expeditions online, not all of their buys are happening online. In fact, one new trend is for shoppers to do product research and price comparisons through browser storefronts and apps and then make purchases in-store. One expert offers advice on how merchants can take advantage of this trend. >>