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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 10, 2018

Trends to watch in AI

Artificial Intelligence is changing how some businesses approach advertising and even content building in the digital space. Here are a few trends to watch that brands can use to better serve their customers.

by Kristina Knight

Analyzing unstructured data

"The data that's most helpful to brands isn't neatly formatted in an Excel file or arranged cleanly in a CMS -- it's gathered, in all its messiness, from blogs, product reviews, chat logs, social media conversations and more. No matter how big a brand's consumer insights or marketing team is, they can never sort through all this consumer data without the help of AI," said Lou Jordano, CMO, Crimson Hexagon.

AI-powered customer care

"The world's biggest brands receive a huge amount of online customer inquiries. General Motors, for example, get 33 brand mentions every minute. How can these companies possibly reply to all of these, especially given that there's so much noise and irrelevant posts," said Jordano. "AI offers a solution here, by automatically identifying and classifying incoming inquiries into the categories that brands actually care about: warranty questions, technical assistance, marketing inquiry, etc. Every global brand deals with this problem, and AI offers a powerful solution that can potentially transform several industries. So I'm keeping a very close eye on how brands talk about this potential, and what AI can do to make their social customer care programs more efficient and successful. Typically, when people hear "AI and customer service" they think about monotonous bots responding to their inquiries. But, really, AI is helping create more human interactions for customer service, not fewer, by freeing up reps to reply to relevant inquiries more quickly."

AI-powered conversation tracking

"The best brands track consumer conversations about many topics -- their own brand, of course, but also industry trends, unfolding events and more. It's nearly impossible for brands to stay on top of these various angles (given the immense amount of online conversation) but AI is able to use advanced statistics to identify significant conversation changes among the topics brand cares about and automatically notify them about these changes," said Jordan.

AI-powered image analysis

"You might not immediately see AI's role in image analysis, but it's at its very core. Images are more important to brands every day -- as more and more consumers share photos of them interacting with products and brands. But without AI, brands would not be able to monitor, measure and engage with these posts, which typically don't include a text reference to the brands contained in the image," said Jordano

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