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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : July 11, 2018

Online Financing Options For Startups and SMB's

This article explores some of the online financing options for SMB's.

by BizReport

Money is always a concern. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do - only a very very small percentage of our population can afford to not worry about money. Therefore, as a startup or SMB, you're going to be wondering how you'll finance your projects and business. However, it can be really difficult to finance a business through a conventional bank, not to mention time consuming and incredibly complicated. Therefore, a lot of people try and look for an alternate means of financing their endeavours. To try and help you get a business going without the need for a conventional finance option, we're going to explore some of the options here.

Online Loans And Vendors

One of the good things about money is that you don't have to go to a bank in order to get a big loan. There are a lot of different companies who operate online and will provide small business loans to startups and organisations. The thing about the internet is that it is so large, so you'll find that there's almost always a deal which will work for you and your specific needs and requirements. You'll be able to borrow however much you need and pay it back at a rate which isn't massively detrimental to your funds, so it's often worth considering.


If you've got an innovative new idea or concept, it's sometimes worth seeing if people will provide funds for you. The internet is full of bright and innovative individuals who will often donate some money to a potential business or venture that they see a future in. Movie directors have raised the money to make a full fledged film from this sort of option, so there's no doubt that you could easily make it happen for your business. Ask people to donate as little or as much as they like, and perhaps offer them a discount service or a few free goodies. These kinds of incentives will really help to get people on board, and provides another way to finance your endeavours.

Angel Investors

Sometimes, your best chance for getting the funding you need is to consider looking for angel investors. These are people who will finance your company in exchange for a certain percentage of the money you then go on to make. With companies like Google being once backed by angel investors, they're definitely a good force for people to consider. It's important to make sure that everyone knows from the outset how the company will run and how payment will work, so that there's no confusion and no space for someone to make a mistake.

Overall, these are some of the best ways for you to finance your startup business or SMB with the use of online facilities. The modern age of the internet means that you don't have to rely on things like banks and corporate loan organisations. It's entirely possible to finance a business from a company that operates almost exclusively online, and have ultimate flexibility on what you borrow and how much you pay back.


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