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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 13, 2018

3 Things AI cannot do for marketers

While AI can be a huge help in breaking down data and even optimizing ad categories, artificial intelligence is not a general fix-it for marketers. To help brands better solidify their AI strategy, here are three things AI cannot do for you.

by Kristina Knight

AI doesn't understand context

"AI will never be able to ask the same questions that people do, or use the necessary context to take the next step. Sure, AI can help brands analyze huge volumes of messy data and even alert them to relevant changes and events, but humans are still necessary for guiding this process and using the findings to shape their business strategy," said Lou Jordano, CMO, Crimson Hexagon.

AI can't adjust messaging

"I encourage brands to think of how AI and human intelligence can best interact. Once AI has freed up their time by automating lower-value tasks, marketers and analysts can focus on the issues that AI can't help with, at least not yet: interpretation and integration. Knowing that, for example, athleisure clothes are consumer favorites is useful on its own only up to a point. The real value comes when a brand uses that insight to adjust their messaging, create compelling campaigns and improve their products. And, at least for now, AI just can't do that," said Jordano.

AI can't replace human interaction, even online

"Customer service is another good example. Consumers really dislike dealing with chat bots and robo-service reps. But, as we talked about earlier, AI can help brands optimize their customer care programs, not by replacing customer service reps, but by making them more efficient and effective. AI may never be the preferred method for interacting with customers, but it is already helping brands make their human care reps more productive," said Jordano.

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