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BizReport : Advertising archives : May 31, 2018

Top 3 tips to use online data to influence offline consumers

Collecting data is the easy part of a marketers job, the hard part is putting data in to action. This is made even harder when utilizing both online and offline data. Here are three tips to improve the use of data.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: PebblePost is using online data to reach customers offline through direct mail - how does this work? 

Geoff Dodge, Chief Growth Officer, PebblePost: PebblePost combines the brains of programmatic with the brawn of direct mail. In other words, we capture the real-time intent signal that consumers leave on a brand's website. That powerful online data is pulled into our programmatic platform, and the system and business rules work to identify the right consumers for the right message. We transform that intent into an offline, dynamically rendered piece of direct mail that is in a postal hub within 12-24 hours every day. And, because we start with digital, we can track a consumer's response path activity whether it's on the website, in store, or over the phone. Best of all, that intelligence informs tomorrow's mail, every day. 

Kristina: How does PebblePost's approach from what other marketers are doing?

Geoff: Digital marketers will see a lot of similarities in the PebblePost Programmatic Direct Mail® platform. We set up campaigns similarly, set targeting parameters, geo, A/B tests, etc. The important piece for marketers to understand -- and one of our unique differentiators -- is the staying power of Programmatic Direct Mail®.

Kristina: Take us into what this tool is.

Geoff: Consumers sort, save, and discuss relevant PDM® on their own timeframe. We see conversions happen on average two weeks after the Programmatic Direct Mail® has arrived at home. In one case, we saw conversions up to 72 days after the piece was received. It's a much longer attribution window, which is why we recommend an always-on approach similar to how marketers leave Search on all the time. The other point I'll mention is Programmatic Direct Mail® is a powerful conversion vehicle at the bottom of the funnel, so moving some of the bloat from the top of the funnel -- where your TV or digital awareness isn't working -- is the perfect way to fund Programmatic Direct Mail®.  

Kristina: What are your top 3 or 4 tips in refocusing the customer experience through offline mediums?

Geoff: 1. Listen to consumers. There is no shortage of data indicating how consumers feel about digital these days. Pay attention to it.
2. Operate with test-and-learn approach. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results. The best companies have ample test budgets and are very willing to experiment with new things that seem to make sense.
3. Don't do digital just to do digital. Digital is exciting and here to stay, but it's not the be-all, end-all. Don't get lazy with it. There are plenty of ways to augment your digital efforts, and that test-and-learn mentality will help you find the optimal mix.

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