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BizReport : Social Marketing : May 01, 2018

Reports: How Americans are reacting to Cambridge Analytica

Just over a month since news first broke about the misuse of Facebook customer data by Cambridge Analytica, and many businesses are still trying to figure out just what the news means for them. For consumers, though, there is a definite leaning toward increased privacy measures.

by Kristina Knight

Consumers have definitely not left Facebook in droves despite the #deletefacebook hashtags and general uproar over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In fact, according to data from AppOptix, consumers' daily engagement with Facebook has increased since the news broke; engagement passed the 61% mark a week after news broke. Now, much of this increase is likely due to consumers logging on to address their security measures and maybe even update passwords.

But, despite consumers use of Facebook not decreasing, consumers are voicing their want of better privacy and security measures.

According to new data out from Janrain, most Americans 'are aware' of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and of those, just over half (57%) say they are 'more concerned' than ever about the security of their private data. In addition, just over two-thirds (69%) of those surveyed say they would like to see the US implement privacy standards similar to those about to be rolled out in Europe.

"One thing history has shown us time and time again is that irresponsible business will hurt public trust," said Jim Kaskade, CEO at Janrain. "Over the past few years, consumers had been reporting growing acceptance of allowing businesses to use their personal data in order to provide personalized products, services and experiences. However, that does not mean that you treat it any differently than financial or health information, which is highly regulated. The recent news surrounding Cambridge Analytica has awakened people to the fact that they value their social data as much as they do any other personal data. Now the question is whether businesses will begin to self-regulate to address this fact."

Still, about one-third of Americans are fine with businesses using their data if, in return, they're offered more relevant content or targeting shopping experiences. However, they do not want their data to be collected by first party institutions and not 'traded' between brands.

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