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BizReport : Email Marketing : May 11, 2018

How Yahoo!'s email updates will impact email marketers

Tis the season for email changes. Recently, Yahoo announced changes to their platform - one of the largest email platforms in the world - and we asked SendGrid's Len Shneyder how these changes might affect campaigns.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Why are these updates from Yahoo important for marketers?

Len Shneyder, VP of Industry Relations, SendGrid: The new Yahoo! Updates represent more excitement for users than marketers. However, since all news is good news I think it's safe to say that happy email recipients means there will be happy marketers because someone using the new, clean, and faster loading app will be more likely to engage with things in their mailbox. There is now a 50 percent reduction in JavaScript exceptions and a 20 percent reduction in overall API failures. These new features improve the performance of the whole Mail product and makes the Yahoo Mail experience much faster, less buggy and smoother.

Kristina: How might the RSVP card features impact campaigns?

Len: With the new RSVP cards, marketers can utilize direct from inbox engagement. This may be one of the most functionally new and exciting developments in the new client for marketers. The RSVP cards help create a well-established 'scheduling' experience, like the one most office users have to come expect and rely on across Google Apps, Outlook etc. Calendaring can be quite cumbersome and not always straightforward--it can require someone to download a file, find it in their downloads, open it, make sure the time zone isn't skewed, ensure that it adds properly to the right calendar. By integrating the whole experience as a cornerstone of the mail, app brands can create unique events, ensure they appear on their customers' calendars and even get headcount when space is limited.

Kristina: What can consumers expect from these updates?

Len: The features significantly improve the consumer experience, allowing users to check, read and send emails faster. The RSVP and stability improvements are key to keeping current users, as an email box tied to a calendar is not only a can't-live-without feature for businesses and consumers. Users can also now add GIFS or custom stationary in responses, which is a personalized feature and commiserate with the messaging experience on smartphones, or through social media. One can infer that the new application's modern feel not only brings it into the modern age but in so doing resembles user experiences that mail users are used too across devices and platforms

Kristina: Why is this important for email marketing, as a whole?

Len: Yahoo! Is one of the largest mailbox providers on the planet--the application and platform is used around the world so any kind of improvements to the usability of the platform is a positive step to retaining customers and ensuring high levels of content engagement. Now, if you stop and consider the forward-looking vision of Marcel Becker, a product manager for Oath working on email, then you can let yourself get excited that both marketers and users are set to experience a renaissance in terms of features and functionality as he wants to improve the value of every message sent and delivered. Email really is the bridge between companies and people--as a repository for our online and offline lives, we've come to rely on it and should benefit from the improvement of the platform and channel.

Kristina: How can brands/marketers ensure they're utilizing all of the 'bells and whistles' that these updates offer?

Len: For marketers using the open sourced twitter emoji set, they will find the same set available to them in emails bound for the new Yahoo! mail client. Parity with existing channels means a more seamless brand experience with less jiggering and manipulation to achieve consistency. The broader 'white space' of the email client also means that clever copy writers employing subject line emojis might be able to more easily captivate the attention of their recipients vs. fighting a cluttered trench warfare in the inbox.

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