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BizReport : Email Marketing : May 28, 2018

Expert: How retargeting can save digital campaigns

Ad blocking, ad fraud, viewability metrics. All of these are issues for digital marketers, and it can be hard to know how to approach ad blocking and fraud without infringing on consumer privacy. We chatted with a marketing expert about how to reinvent their approach.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How does Programmatic Direct Mail address common industry issues like ad blocking and fraud?

Geoff Dodge, Chief Growth Officer, PebblePost: When our founder Lewis Gersh was inventing Programmatic Direct Mail®, he recognized and was inspired by some of digital's pain points, like ad fraud and ad blockers. Fortunately, bots don't have mail boxes nor do they buy socks at Bonobos. As for ad blockers, Lewis was hyper focused on creating an optimal consumer experience -- and you can't beat the staying power and brain stimulation of direct mail. There's neuroscientific studies to prove the engagement and connection that direct mail makes -- and the DMA has plenty of data to support its efficacy as a performance channel.

We're taking the best of two channels -- digital and direct mail -- and eliminating each's pain points. For digital, it's key strength is real-time intent data. Consider that 90% of intent comes from online today. But digital's pains are numerous for marketers: ad fraud, brand safety, viewability, poor consumer experience, etc. By contrast, direct mail's key strength is physical media into home -- the permanence of it, the memorability and tangible nature of that message that's sorted, considered, and discussed. Unfortunately, direct mail hasn't seen radical innovation in 20 years, so it suffers from pains like intent decay and long lead times. Marketers are doing a lot of digital with low conversion rates. For those doing direct mail, the conversion rates are much higher. We're smack in the middle of that activity with performance that beats both.   

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips to improve the current online customer experience? 

Geoff: 1. Be mindful of frequency. As Bloomberg recently reported, "But online advertising has grown so predatory that while blocking is estimated to cost publishers billions of lost revenue a year, it's started to seem less like robbery than self-defense: Ads slow devices, eat up data plans, and sometimes deliver malware." And consumer surveys support the growing sentiment -- 71% of people believe that ads are "annoying" and "intrusive."
2. Test new channels. Consumers want personalization, and many marketers admit that the technology doesn't exist to keep up. But it does; maybe in places where you're not spending the bulk of your ad dollars though. Take a close look at where your ad dollars are most effective, then move the waste to an Innovation budget to test new channels. Make this an always on part of your strategy to stay ahead of your competition and more importantly meet the demands of your customers.
3. Take privacy seriously and proactively. With GDPR going into effect later this month, many hands in the online advertising world have been forced to re-examine privacy policies. That's a good thing. Don't make your privacy policy and practices perfunctory, but rather personal -- if you as a consumer wouldn't accept the terms, why expect your customer to?  

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