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BizReport : Social Marketing : April 06, 2018

Survey finds consumers' interest is social ads down

Marketers may not want to hear this, but new data out from Sprout Social indicates all the dollars being invested in social media advertising may be going to waste. That, because according to their report more than half of consumers either don't trust social ads are simply aren't interested in them.

by Kristina Knight

According to Sprout Social's Stop the Scroll: Creating Social Ads That Drive Awareness, Engagement & Action report 27% of consumers report their interest in social ads has decreased over the past year, and nearly 40% say, because of recent political events, their trust in social media ads has declined.

"In order for social advertising to be effective, brands need to create content that elevates the social experience. We found that 41% of people are more likely to take action when they see ads that are entertaining--giving them more reason to stop the routine scroll through their social feeds. The more entertaining the ad, the more likely you'll see that translate to engagement and increased awareness, opening the door to greater consumer recognition and keeping your brand top of mind," said Lizz Kannenberg, Director of Content at Sprout Social.

Why don't they trust ads? More than one-third say social media ads are irrelevant to them or that the ad content isn't engaging. In addition to the 41% who say if ad content is engaging to them they are more likely to click, about 65% say if the ad content is interesting they will click through to learn more, and about one-third engage with ads that teach them something.

That, according to Sprout's experts, is where brands need to begin revisiting their social media strategy. But, just how can they 'entertain'?

"[Calls to action] centered around education and learning are a solid bet: read more, watch more, learn more. This is great for brands, as it's another opportunity to add value into routine interactions and remain top of mind until people are ready to convert," write the Sprout expert. "Educational ads hold value after consumers have made a purchase as well--in particular for big-ticket items, such as a car, that only come around every few years or decade. In the interim period, fresh content reinforces the positive emotions a consumer felt when he or she made the original purchase."

Sprout's experts point to video. According to the report most consumers (83%) find video content entertaining, and about half like it when ads use GIFs.

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