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BizReport : Advertising archives : March 29, 2018

Top 4 tips to improve video marketing

From streaming services to user generated content, video continues to be an important piece of strategy for brands. The problem is that many brands don't know how or don't have the tools to use video to its best effect. Here are four tips to improve brands' video strategy.

by Kristina Knight

Focus on format

"Here's an easy and super current trick that you can really apply to any video-based idea. Kind of a cheap trick if you will. Make your video 4x5 OR square and then boomerang key scenes. It works brilliantly. I'm sure 95% of you are saying "what a hack, oh my God." But trust me," said Ben Tyson, SVP, StudioNow. "We did this recently at StudioNow on a Coca-Cola FIFA piece for Instagram with a superstar music talent and chanced it... and then it ended up super cool. Better than I ever could have imagined. Better than the glossy 16x9 highly finessed piece it started with. I'd imagine most directors, DP's and editors are going to throw a first class fit if this is in the brief from the start... but I am seeing more and more creatives get excited about this approach. The sheer single fact that we tweaked the aspect ratio to 4x5 and boomerang'd scenes, it felt not only great, but different AND fresh. Try it."

Clever gets reaction

"Be clever. Please be clever. Although every brand voice may not be "clever" in the brief... consumers - ESPECIALLY on social media - want something that gets a reaction. They crave it. People are literally scouring social media for... hot people, clever posts, sassy copy, whatever floats their boat... so give it to them and stop worrying about whatever you are worrying about," said Tyson. "I hear brand managers and creatives say "well that's not our brand voice" - but well, maybe your brand voice isn't getting any traction on Insta either. Or maybe it shouldn't be on Insta but that's another conversation. So consider stepping out for certain types of content. If a local sheriff's department can get on the national news during a snowstorm because their social media intern is sassy and awesome, then a major CPG brand should be able to figure it out."

Invest in talent

"A build on #2 above. This is so stupid. It works. First. Do the work you are doing. Whatever it is. Second. Have a superb internship program with fresh talent. I constantly have at least 2 or 3 wicked smart interns in my Atlanta studio. Then you take your crop of interns and get their notes and instead of not taking those notes, TAKE those notes. Count their opinion on the content as much as you count the SVP of whatever (like me). It is so hard works. They will be on point. (bonus = the internship program is a great way for you to give emerging leaders a big responsibility before they have actual direct reports)," said Tyson.

Watch the competition

"Watch everything. See everything. And then you can make your own version of something else. That's a nice way of saying "copy" what works," said Tyson. "But not after your agency pitches it to you 4.5 months later and you rely on everyone else to bring it to you. Copy it at the time that it is new and current. And then you might get that same cred."

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