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BizReport : Internet : March 15, 2018

How remote work will impact businesses

According to reports, about half the US workforce will be telecommuting or teleworking at least part time by 2020; already nearly 4 million workers are doing this. What impact might this have on businesses? We chatted with Ultatel CEO Amr Ibrahim for his take on the situation.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is driving the growth of the remote workforce?

Amr Ibrahim, CEO, UltaTel: Cloud-based technology is allowing workers to access their information and customer base from anywhere at any time and is imperative for working remotely both now and in the future.
• Businesses are always looking for ways to cut cost and increase workforce satisfaction to improve productivity.
• Current Technologies and High-speed internet infrastructure and adaptation have helped in enabling the growth of workforce.
• Searching for talented workforce regardless of their location allows businesses to have more competitive advantages over their peers.

Kristina: Is the rise of telemarketing fraud a danger to businesses who are pushing into more telework situations?

Amr: In a very busy informational and data driven world where social media and news have bombarded the target audience with lots of confusing information, direct conversation with the customers is a must. Sales people have realized the importance of delivering the message directly to consumers and telemarketing is one of those essential tools.

Kristina: How much valuable company time is estimated to be wasted due to telemarketing fraud?

Amr: Time is definitely a factor and can be different based on the business type but more important than the time directly wasted is the opportunity wasted from not answering real value calls because of being hesitant to answer unknown numbers or eager to hang up right away once they feel it's a sales call.

Kristina: Why are so many businesses reliant on personal phone use?

Amr: Because they have not adapted the new technology solutions yet. New cloud-based phone systems enable these businesses to have a remote workforce that still use the company's legitimate phone system from any place they go and with any device they choose.

Kristina: How does VoIP technology factor in for these businesses?

Amr: It enables businesses to operate wherever their team may be--in the office, at home or on the road. Enable them also to use any device, from Desktop Phones, Softphones or Mobile Apps. It also helps in cutting their phone bill cost.

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