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BizReport : Email Marketing : February 23, 2018

Top 3 tips to use email to build stronger customer relationships

The dearth of advertising tools in the digital marketplace hasn't solved one key issue: building strong customer relationships. As a direct link between you and your audience, the email address allows publishers to establish a personal connection with the audience. Here are three tips marketers can employ to build stronger customer relationships through email marketing.

by Kristina Knight

Move your social media audience to a more direct channel by getting their email address.

"To strengthen your audience relationship you should change how you look at Facebook. You can't connect with the audience on a platform where every algorithm tweak diminishes reach and takes them further away from that audience," said Keith Sibson, VP, Product and Marketing, PostUp. "Instead of playing cat-and-mouse with the Facebook algorithm (which, in its latest move to deprioritize publishers, has all but ended organic reach), use Facebook as a channel for acquisition. Make use of Facebook's CTA features to promote your email newsletters and lead your social audience to your email list, where you can connect with them directly without interference from the platform."

Use email capture widgets to connect with your passing site visitors in the inbox.

"When visitors from social media or search visit your site, they're likely to leave your site just as quickly as they arrived. By using onsite capture tools to collect their email address before they exit, you get a direct line of communication to your audience for the long term. Not only do email subscribers rack up more lifetime site visits than visitors from Facebook, they also tend to view more pages per session (2.5 vs. 1.2)," said Sibson. "To maximize email conversions, use active capture widgets with a contextual newsletter offer, which are more likely to convert these passing visitors into subscribers than static forms buried in a site footer. That way, you increase the likelihood of engaging these users in the future and nurturing them with content."

Build strong reading habits with your audience through newsletters.

"In the print publishing world, the regular delivery of physical publications builds reading habits with their audience. The email newsletter is the medium that most closely replicates that habit-forming nature of print delivery," said Sibson. "By sending a regular stream of relevant content to the inbox, you engage your audience continuously, and this continued engagement can demonstrate the value of paying for your content. You can even deepen this engagement by cross-promoting and encouraging your audience to sign up for additional newsletters. This quality of newsletters is why the New York Times has found that people are twice as likely to pay for a subscription if they first subscribe to a newsletter, and it's what makes the email newsletter the ideal tool for building the audience relationships necessary for the changing digital publishing climate."

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  • Sandra Lighton

    This happens because people (marketers) do not understand how to deliver more value first, and I am talking here about A LOT of value, and to come with a LIVE approach to their customers.



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