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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : February 16, 2018

Top 3 Problems Frictionless Media Companies Are Solving

Frictionless media companies are reinventing interfaces and using predictive technologies to simplify search, streamline discovery, improve recommendations, and expand access. These improvements are happening across a wide array of media - consider how Spotify and Netflix have changed music and video discovery and consumption respectively. Meanwhile, Alexa has revolutionized how we do searches, and Apple has changed its interface to keep us within one swipe away from the news we love. Here are three massive problems that are being solved in this space:

by Kristina Knight

Discovery of Mobile Content is Limited to Outdated Push Notifications or Digging and Hunting

"As the mobile world has evolved, we now unlock our phones an average of 70 times a day with 47% of those unlocks occurring without a particular application in mind - up from 37% last year because more and more people now have unlimited data plans," said Greg Wester, SVP, Marketing and Business Development, Mobile Posse. "Despite this, the unlock experience remains unchanged, giving us either the last app we used or a home screen of icons to swipe and tap through to find something of interest. This has created an unlock "bounce rate" (dismissing the first app seen in three seconds or less) of 18%. Mobile Posse has developed an agent that can proactively deliver personalized content so that it is the first thing seen on unlock. Now when you unlock "just because," you find something interesting and are much more likely to engage rather than dismiss and move on. In fact, this technology has resulted in a bounce rate of 6% - one-third of the industry average!"

The Size of the Media Should Adapt to Match The Size of the Moment

"When we are at Starbucks, watching commercials, or at a crosswalk, our smartphone is what we turn to to engage our wandering mind. This has turned the smartphone into "mental spackle," something we use to fill those small gaps in the day as we move between life activities," said Wester. "In fact, the median mobile session is now down to 30 seconds due to these "snackable" moments. In those times, the precious seconds it takes to swipe and tap to content can be what stands in the way of a perfect moment. Apple News and other technologies have worked to make these moments more about consumption, not friction."

Search for Content is Overrated and Over Relied On

"The purpose of a browser has always been to find something of a particular topic. But what if you don't have a topic in mind? Even Google, the king of search, recently released a new "Feed," which may sometimes effectively eliminate your search by showing topics curated to your interest alongside their normal search bar. A quick browse might eliminate the middleman of typing, tapping, waiting, and hoping you find what you like. There's nothing like the power of suggestion, particularly for those times when you are just curious," said Wester.

This is Just the Beginning

"While sifting through friction to discover content might not seem like a huge problem, consider how technologies like Uber and Venmo have changed the transportation and payment industries by streamlining manual steps. Frictionless media companies are going to continue to look for better ways to simplify search, streamline discovery, improve recommendations, and expand access. As these companies continue to revolutionize the space, major changes of who are the winners and losers will take shape in the industry. Look for how things will shakeout in 2018," said Wester.

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