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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : February 08, 2018

Third of consumers will spend more after positive chatbot experience

Get your chatbot strategy right and consumers will spend more money with you, according to new research from Globant company, PointSource.

by Helen Leggatt

PointSource's new report, "Finding Common Ground Between Consumers and Artificial Intelligence", found that most consumers have had interactions with AI-powered chatbots, but most probably did not realize because "consumers still lack a firm understanding of what AI experiences can look and feel like today".

However, of those who responded to PointSource's survey, a third (34%) said that when seeking out basic information such as product information they preferred a chatbot over a human. Similarly, 38% said they preferred a chatbot when checking to see if a product is in stock, 36% when looking for pricing or discounts, 36% for delivery information and 39% for order tracking.

When it comes to resolving problems, however, consumers want to speak with a live operator.

"Consumer comfortability with chatbot assistance significantly drops off for more complicated, high-stake retail interactions," says Greg Ng, VP of Digital Engagement at PointSource. "Eighty percent of consumers prefer to speak with a human when resolving problems post-purchase, and another 71% want the human element during the in-store experience."

chatbot.pngThe research uncovered three main reasons for a preference for human interaction - privacy/security, speed, and friction. However, these hurdles can be overcome with strategic, user-centric experiences that focus on alleviating frustrations and roadblocks, providing accurate and up-to-date information, and ensuring that all data is kept secure and used only for its originally indicated purposes.

The rewards for businesses that get the chatbot experience right are, according to the report, that nearly half (49%) are willing to shop more frequently, 34% will spend more and 38% will share the experience with family and friends.

Tags: AI ecommerce, artificial intelligence trends, chatbot strategy, digital marketing

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