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BizReport : Advertising archives : February 27, 2018

How to use global sporting events to engage

Global sporting events - like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and others - have the ability to unite people from different parts of the globe like no other events can. These events can also unite brands and customers - if the message and experience are seamless. Here are three tips to create a multi-platform, branded message during these events.

by Kristina Knight

Have a clear, simple message that cuts through

"It's the foundational principle of all marketing, ever, and particularly present in live event marketing. Marketing teams everywhere are looking to draft off of the Olympic hype train. Getting into prime position requires drawing a strong, authentic connection between brand and some aspect of the underlying appeal of the event. In the case of the Olympics, brands have multiple entry points. More serious brands can focus on the raw, human emotion of the Games - the agony of defeat and the ecstasy of overcoming impossible odds. More playful brands can find ample opportunities for humor in adjacent elements (e.g. the pomp and circumstance, the commentating, etc)," said Joshua Neckes, Co-Founder, Simon Data.

Have a cross-functional team that is well-managed + data-supported

"With a strong message in place, it's about having a coordinated team that can effectively navigate the particulars eccentricities of any given channel," said Neckes. "Message discipline is key - while Snapchat's voice is different than Twitter, all need to be readily-identifiable outputs of the same global vision. Additionally, being able to target messaging correctly and deploy budgets in support of campaigns is as much a data problem as a creative one. Teams need to be cross-functional - with specific data expertise - to really shine in such a competitive messaging environment."

Have the ability to turn on a dime

"Monitor, Measure, Communicate, Iterate, Deploy - these are the calling cards of effective multi-channel marketing during a live event of any sort, particularly something with the global reach/interest of the Winter Olympics. Brands need to be monitoring the news cycle/social media zeitgeist closely and tracking the correlated performance of extant campaigns. When there's a disconnect or a dip in performance - or an opportunity to really amplify a message that's working - brands need to communicate the opportunity across all channel teams, iterate on the message/approach (e.g. assigning incremental spend), and then execute. The best teams do this seamlessly, with 24/7 coverage across all channels, and a smooth approval process to ensure the right message is getting out as quickly as possible," said Neckes.

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