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BizReport : January 25, 2018 Archive

January 25, 2018 Archive

Social Marketing | January 25, 2018

Is influencer marketing best done in-house or outsourced?

Influencer marketing is nothing new. Instead, it has evolved. Today's consumers are shunning celebrity endorsement and instead craving an authentic, relatable voice to cut through the din of a commercialized and over-saturated advertising market.The question is - who is best equipped to develop and manage your influencer marketing - a third-party agency or a dedicated in-house team? >>

Advertising | January 25, 2018

Expert: Why marketers should double-down on privacy concerns

Privacy could be the word of the year for 2018. That, according to one expert who believes consumers' worry about data breaches and concerns about personal data will continue to grow throughout the year - especially where children are concerned. >>