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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : September 13, 2017

Millennials cutting the cord, here's what they're watching online

Video is becoming an increasingly important piece of the online marketing pie, but as more consumers go online for their favorite shows - both scripted, information, and unscripted - marketers struggle to connect. Limelight's new State of Online Video report sheds light on the subject.

by Kristina Knight

Bingeing and streaming. Those are two keys to connection with viewers, according to Limelight Network's new State of Online Video report; according to their data cable subscriptions continue to wane as more consumers 'cut the cable cord' in favor of all-streaming, all the time. In fact, about 30% of global consumers are now contracting with at least two streaming services; in the US, about half of consumers are subscribing to streaming content.

Millennials are leading the way with streaming, spending about 7 hours per week with streaming content, while those slightly older (age 26-35) spend about 6 hours streaming content. Boomers are streaming only about 3 hours each week

"With the proliferation of online video content, viewers are moving away from traditional broadcast television viewing and have increasing expectations for broadcast-quality experiences," said Michael Milligan, Senior Director at Limelight Networks. "Our research over time has shown a clear increase in expectations and decreasing patience with poor quality experiences."

As to what they're watching: movies and TV programming continue to lead the way in streaming, although live sporting events (baseball, football, Olympics, etc) are ranked as the third most popular streaming programming. And, according to the report, Millennials are leading the way.

Perhaps of most importance: streamers won't settle for a bad experience. So, marketers should be aware of what the production quality is of the shows they sponsor. In addition to being away of the type of content, marketers must be aware of the overall experience - for example, is the experience seamless or is there a lot of rebuffering (video pauses) going on during the session? More than half of consumers (61%) say they'll stop watching video content that rebuffers twice.

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  • Yeah, promoting a product in between the video is fine, but it'll not affect the user experience. Otherwise, users will disappoint and video content provider may lose potential users/subscribers.

  • notsofastnow

    A bad experience includes too many ads. If content providers lead off a viewing experience with ads, or insert too many ads, I'll uninstall the app -- even if it's free.



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