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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 06, 2017

Lessons CRM pros can learn from Amazon's Prime Day success

The 2017 Amazon Prime Day was the largest sales day in Amazon's history, but the success isn't just for ecommerce brands. One expert explains what customer relationship managers should take away from the numbers.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What can CRM professionals draw from the recent Amazon Prime Day success?

Tara Kelly, CEO, Splice Software: The top takeaway for customer relationship managers is that when companies reward loyal customers, they can create lasting, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Kristina: Data shows 50% more Prime members bought on Prime Day and that sales were 60% higher (YoY) - what drove this interest?

Tara: Amazon uses its extensive customer data wisely. The company is very successful at applying data to personalize the customer experience and consistently deliver value; Amazon was a pioneer in using data to efficiently tailor offers and create highly personalized outreach. Amazon's Prime Day success is a testament to the effectiveness of its data-centric, personalized CRM strategy: The company drives customer interest by building long-term relationships that benefit Amazon and its customers.

Kristina: Not every marketer can create a Prime Day experience, but what can brands do on a smaller scale to reach and engage consumers?

Tara: [They] can apply the same principles that drive Amazon's success in their own CRM operations. The first step is to collect and apply customer data in a way that builds trust and facilitates long-term relationships. A proactive approach that protects customer privacy and respects their preferences is the most effective strategy.

CRM professionals can use big data from a variety of sources, including transactions, as well as "small data" like contact information to personalize campaigns across channels. Customers are willing to share information like mobile phone numbers, email and social media accounts if companies deliver something of value in exchange.

Brands that receive this information can establish trust in two essential ways: First, they can obtain customer permission to use the data, and ask about and respect customer preferences for contact through channels like email, SMS message and Twitter. Secondly, they can contact customers only when they have something of value to offer, e.g., a discount, an invitation to a special event, etc.

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