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BizReport : Email Marketing : September 28, 2017

How to improve inbox placement

According to data out from Return Path about 20% of marketing emails are no longer reaching consumers' inboxes; this placement problem is not only an immediate problem leading to lost sales, but also a long-term issue because emails landing in spam rather than the inbox can lead to a reduction in sender reputation. Here's how marketers can improve inbox placement.

by Kristina Knight

Maintain a consistent sending identity

"Sending identity helps mailbox providers pinpoint the source of an email. Spammers tend to hop from one IP address to another to escape regulation issues, so marketers need to maintain a consistent IP addresses whenever possible. Authenticating email (by implementing standards like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) is another way to avoid raising red flags and ensure that mailbox providers recognize you as a legitimate sender," said George Bilbrey, Co-Founder & President, Return Path.

Strive for a positive reputation

"Sender reputation is one of the key factors that mailbox providers consider in their spam filtering decisions," said Bilbrey. "Marketers with an exceptional reputation are able to reach their subscribers more consistently, while senders with a poor reputation struggle to reach the inbox. Keep your reputation positive by practicing good list hygiene and following best practices for email senders--like signing up for feedback loops and checking for blacklists. Also keep in mind that reputation is not static--you should check your reputation regularly using free tools like Sender Score."

Keep an eye on subscriber engagement metrics

"More and more, major mailbox providers are like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo are looking at subscriber engagement as part of their filtering process. Engagement signals (like whether or not a subscriber reads, replies, forwards, or deletes a message without reading) allow mailbox providers to determine whether email is welcome at the individual subscriber level. Marketers should monitor these important engagement metrics to better understand what resonates with their audience. To improve engagement, consider tactics like segmenting and targeting lists, personalizing and testing emails, and optimizing subject lines," said Bilbrey.

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