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BizReport : Email Marketing : August 03, 2017

Email to push holiday spending

During the upcoming holiday shopping season, look for email to push more sales. Looking at 2016 data, email pushed about 27% of Black Friday conversions, and with advances in targeting and remarketing, one expert believes email will have a big impact again in 2017.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How do you expect email to impact the upcoming holiday season?

Andrew Fegley, President, Remarketable: We anticipate email to again be a big driver of sales from Black Friday through Christmas, as we expect to see marketers using it with increased personalization but also more video and other interactive methods that have proven to decrease friction and get customers into the transaction process more quickly and seamlessly. Email also serves a great platform for offer testing, and the holidays provide tremendous volume for marketers to see what works and what doesn't.

Kristina: Relevancy and personalization continue to be buzzwords for all of advertising. What about email?

Andrew: With the average person receiving about 120 emails per day based on some recent studies, the more brands can do to be relevant, and the more they can ensure their message is reaching the people who are likely to care about it, the better. Personalization continues to drive results - we've all been talking about the P word for years now, but in reality true personalization hasn't been widely adopted by most brands because of the perception that it's hard. Yes, there's an important upfront time investment in segmenting prospects and customers to a point where you can personalize at scale. But through the right platforms, personalization can be accomplished. These days most people's inboxes are overwhelmed with marketing emails; many of them are immediately deleted. They are not timely or relevant - they're part of a generic blast from a brand that a consumer may or may not have an association with. When you consider how much noise email is competing with, we believe that recency is critical.

Kristina: What are three keys to properly remarketing to customers?

Andrew: 1. Carefully review your privacy policy and establish it as compliant
2. Identify the right prospective customers, and focus on those most likely to make a transaction
3. Create personalized messaging for the right customer segments to be deployed across various channels

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