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BizReport : Email Marketing : July 27, 2017

Why email marketers need machine learning

A lot has been said about the potential for machine learning - AI - for display, social, even native ad campaigns. But, according to one expert, the potential benefits for email marketers may be bigger.

by Kristina Knight

 Kristina: How can machine learning best help email marketers?  
David Baker, COO and Founder of Cordial: Audience analysis: While many have difficulty compiling data from various sources, marketers are getting smarter about identifying and activating the "right" data vs "all" the data. The key here is just processing the many options as fast as you can..  
Predicting what content customers might react to best is another benefit machine learning delivers faster and better.  Product recommendations and content recommendations play out well when your goal is increasing engagement and you have many SKUs and you want to see the effect of behavioral data on purchased data.   It also plays well with content to help narrow options for personalization.

Kristina: What about the negatives?

David: While chiefly positive, there are some negatives to consider, without layers to test/optimize you limit the possible variations to typically your strongest, highest converting segments.  Lastly, machine learning is impacting how marketers are testing email marketing, using algorithms to optimize campaigns is moving the email marketing space from batch and blast, to a more programmatic view of test/optimization. This is beginning to resemble advertising optimization versus catalogue marketing. It's an incredibly exciting shift with great potential to change the game.

More from David and Cordial tomorrow, pitfalls to avoid in using AI.

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