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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 05, 2017

Top 3 tips to avoid ad blocking

For a while, 'ad blindness' was the biggest problem facing digital marketers, but now technology is making it easier for consumers to block ads before they ever land on a site. Here are three tips to keep ads from being blocked.

by Kristina Knight

Focus on relevance

"Your ad needs to be relevant to the user. If you are bidding on a couple of websites, ideally you want to be reaching the right person with the right perception. For example, say you are driving down the street and someone says 'look for the yellow cars.' As you drive, you spot the other yellow cars and your more immune to the gray, blue and red cars as you are blocking those out. Advertising works the same way. You will naturally tune out what is not relevant to you," said Rich Kahn, CEO, eZanga.

Focus on context

"[Contextual Advertising] matches together items that are relevant to the user with websites that have pertinent keywords that match the item being advertised. For instance, say you have been researching camping tents for an upcoming trip, and you're on a camping website. Contextually, it is relevant to target you with advertising for tents you have researched. However, if you are on that website and your being targeted with say a generator, you're not looking for that so you tune it out - it's less relevant to your current search and thus you mentally block it out," said Kahn.

Focus on demographics

"Is the advertisement correctly matched with the right demographic? If it isn't, it may be lost on the viewer of the ad. For example, and automaker might choose to target a sportier two-door vehicle to younger drivers where they may target a user with children with a more family-friendly SUV or minivan. It's the same brand, and maybe even the same local dealership, but switch the visuals around and the car, and the ad may no longer fit the demographic of the user. A two-door is not as economical for someone with children and a minivan isn't necessary (or hip) for someone without children," said Kahn.

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