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BizReport : Ecommerce : July 25, 2017

Top 3 tips for physical merchants to engage e-shoppers

For a while, online shoppers did a lot of impulse buying, but as the ecommerce space has developed, those impulse buys have lessened and shoppers have begun looking for specific deals on specific items in the online space. However, there are ways physical merchants can engage shoppers in the digital space. Here are three tips.

by Kristina Knight

Fix the checkout

"No one likes standing in line. In fact, 5 minutes in line at retail checkout feel like 5 hours to the average shopper," said Ashok Narasimhan, CEO, "This can be fixed. Most shoppers have a smart phone in their hands these days. Utilize the fact that these devices are present to help reduce the checkout time. First off, the smartphone is the ideal device to use to identify your loyal shopper. Secondly, once identified, it is really easy to present to them graphically all the deals and offers they have available using the smartphone interface, including their payment options. Let them choose these with a quick click, or apply them automatically."

Let them self-shop

"The average online shopper, picks up items they want as they browse the online site and continues to add them to their online cart. Once they are done with all the items they want to buy, they click buy and the purchase is done," said Narasimhan. "Similarly, for in store shopping, adding an augmented digital commerce layer will help create a similar experience. Imagine the shopper in the store, looking at items they want to buy. Using their smartphone, they can now see additional information about this item that they would have otherwise not gotten in a physical only environment."

Use omni-channel carts

"The divide between In Store Purchases and Online Purchases persists. Buy Online and Pickup In Store is a classic example. The whole reason for this, is to drive traffic to the physical store," said Narasimhan. "With an omnichannel cart...a shopper can begin their shopping journey online where they select items they want to purchase and place them in the omnichannel cart. Next the shopper visits the store, and picks any other item they fancy. As they leave the store, their online items and their in store items gets combined into a single checkout, which is completed using their mobile device and the retailer app."

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  • Now, people get revolutionized by Mobile Commerce and it will take over E-commerce soon. So, what to say about physical stores. Augmented digital commerce and virtual dressing room help brick and mortar stores to get more visitors and sales as well.



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