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BizReport : Social Marketing : July 07, 2017

How to incorporate chatbots in branded social media

Utilizing chatbots on websites is no longer enough, according to one expert. Social media is where many need to begin pushing more chatbot options, but how can brands use chatbots within the social space?

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can brands go about implementing chatbots in social media?

John Forrester, Chief Marketing Officer, Inbenta: First, brands should consider the technology they should use and the chatbot platform's natural language processing and machine learning ability. Next, they should think about how the technology will be deployed and what systems it will integrate with. They should also figure out on which social media channels they would like to launch the chatbot on and understand how the technology can be deployed on those channels. Lastly, they will need to test and ensure the chatbot is optimized in their environments and responding well with their customers and eventually improve the results over time.

Kristina: What trends are you watching surrounding chatbots?

John: I am excited at the potential for teaching chatbots to negotiate. This ability would allow a chatbot to get the best deals on your behalf, acting as your agent. Or it would allow businesses to negotiate with customers, talking them into buying more products and services, convincing them not to cancel their cable subscription, or lure someone not to abandon a shopping cart purchase. It would even enable chatbots to negotiate with other chatbots. I'm also excited about the ability of chatbots to help counter an increasingly isolated, aging, and lonely population. People are obsessed with the internet for information, communications, and entertainment. Chatbots offer the future potential to entertain, engage, and provide useful information to an increasingly isolated populace.

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips for brands to implement social media chatbots without losing the personal touch?

John: 1) Think more about language and experience than technology. Hire writers and user experience designers to ensure the chatbot you launch has the human touch and represents your brand's personality and attributes.
2) Conduct extensive user testing and audit customer chatbot interactions to improve the experience. You'll need the ability to run a gap analysis report and ensure that your chatbot has as much data as it needs to provide the best experience for customers.
3) Make sure your chatbot matches the social media channel. Customers engage with Facebook completely different than Twitter. There is no one-sized fits all for chatbots on different channels. Your chatbot should adapt and function differently depending on the channel.

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