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BizReport : Advertising : July 14, 2017

Expert: Why brands need CMP fluency

CMP - Creative Management Platform - is a buzzword that has been floating around for a few months now, but many brands still don't know what it is about CMP that they need to understand. We asked Thunder's Victor Wong to explain.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is CMP and why do businesses need to take note?

Victor Wong, CEO, Thunder: Creative management platforms are cloud-based platforms that enable brands to maximize returns on investing on creative agility, personalization, and optimization.

We've all heard the marketing mantra of the right person, right place, right message, etc... But in order to have that right message, you have to match the targeting and available inventory, which means you have to put together A LOT of ads.

So while companies are investing in other platforms like DSPs and DMPs to assist with bidding, targeting, and data management, they are investing in CMPs to cover the creative side of the equation.

Kristina: Personalization has been a huge focus for brands for several years now. Is it possible to build personalized creative in a CMP environment?

Victor: Personalization and programmatic creative are core problems that CMPs solve. The two core functions of a CMP are dynamic creative and creative versioning.

Depending on your personalization strategy, you might need a big pile of creative versions or just one dynamic one.

For these personalized messages to reach consumers in the right place and moment across channels, you need a lot of formats. You need banners in all sorts of dimensions. You need Facebook ads. You need personalized images for your emails or website.

CMPs help you produce and manage all of that so that you don't miss out on personalization opportunities because you don't have the creative to match the available inventory.

Kristina: How can brands better leverage CMPs to create not only single-time buyers but loyal customers?

Victor: We hear over and over again that loyalty marketing is becoming the most important in many organizations. But nurturing customers to loyalty requires lots of personalized and frequent marketing.

You can help advance a customer's relationship with a brand by ensuring your marketing messages make sense to that customer at the time.

Loyal, repeat purchasers probably don't need to see creative built for brand awareness. But something that makes them feel like an insider, like getting special access to deal--that's a message that is great for someone who has already made a purchase.

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