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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : June 28, 2017

Top 4 tips to prevent app fraud

As the amount of app fraud continues to increase, many brands are wondering if the risks associated with app fraud are worth it. Here are 4 tips for brands to help combat the effects of app fraud.

by Kristina Knight

Protect your device.

"Just like with a desktop or any other type of device, you should be careful about what you install, using tools to make sure it is clean and fraud-free. Malware scanners can be added to your mobile device for added protection. You need to protect your mobile device just as much as you would protect your desktop," said Rich Kahn, CEO & Co-Founder, eZanga.

Download from a reputable source.

"If you are on an Apple device, download from the App Store; if you are on an Android device, ensure that you are running Google Play Protect," said Kahn. "You open yourself to risk and potential exposure when you download from a third-party not affiliated with the device. By downloading from a trusted resource, that resource is already doing something (be it visual human recognition or tech-based verification) to ensure their apps are clean. That's not always the case with a third-party resource."

Update regularly.

"When there is a release of an update for your system, update it immediately. When updates are released, many times it includes patches to close holes that these fraudsters are exploiting. By failing to perform the updates, these holes still exist, allowing your mobile device to act as a pass through for potential fraudulent activity," said Kahn.

Just be smart about it.

"Look at what feels right. If you have an app that was released just a week ago, and it already has 10 million installs, why is that? Is it because it's a popular app and everyone has been downloading it? That may make sense, but if it's a basic wallpaper app, or something inconsequential, does it make sense? Likely not. Anytime you install something on your phone, you are allowing it. Do you really want to install an app on your phone laden with fraud, right alongside an app you enter your banking information into?" said Kahn.

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