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BizReport : Advertising archives : June 02, 2017

Survey: Advertisers worry about impact of 'fake news'

Programmatic advertisers are worried about the proliferation of fake news - and they're putting their budget dollars in play. According to new data out from Brightroll and Yahoo most (96%) of programmatic advertisers surveyed are worried about fake news in the programmatic space, and 43% are asking that fake news providers be blacklisted from programmatic platforms.

by Kristina Knight

Just over half (55%) say they're asking their programmatic partners to be 'more proactive' about screening for fake news, because they don't want their products associated with fake news. The full survey infographic can be found here. I had the chance to chat with Yahoo's Tom Schmidt about this development.

Kristina: There has been such a firestorm from the public around fake news - are you also seeing concerns from programmatic advertisers?

Tom Schmidt, VP of Advertising Products, Yahoo: Yes, absolutely. Across our business, buyers are asking for more granular content targeting.

Kristina: What are the primary concerns about ad placements near fake news?

Tom: The industry term for this is brand safety - making sure your ads appear in contexts that align with your brand values. Some content that may be perfectly acceptable for one brand might not align with others. That's why advertisers want control and transparency.

Kristina: How can publishers ensure their sites are providing safety for advertisers?

Tom: Brands are looking for high-quality, professional-generated content. Publishers that can deliver those attributes will have an advantage.

Kristina: How can programmatic advertisers ensure their ads are safely placed, next to not only relevant content but truthful content?

Tom: Advertising technology partners are essential allies in helping ads reach the right consumers, at the right time, and in the right contexts. As a programmatic advertiser, your ad tech partners should help you target your core audience, while also factoring in a brand's specific needs and sensitivities. At minimum, brands should expect their programmatic partners to offer controls for avoiding certain types of content, as well as URL-level transparency for targeting and reporting.

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