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BizReport : Loyalty Marketing : June 15, 2017

Index reveals which brands resonate with what consumers care about

Consumers today want to connect themselves with brands that resonate with their values and needs. But which current brands resonate with what consumers really care about.

by Helen Leggatt

Recent research in the UK by Mediacom found that 40% of consumers have ceased to use, or avoided altogether, a brand they feel does not speak to their values, while 35% had specifically purchased a brand because of its values and beliefs.

However, the research also found that even brands that have their hearts in the right place are facing a challenge. Many consumers said they were skeptical of brands that claim to support good causes, while two-thirds (65%) think brands overstate their environmental credentials.

Those brands that can convince consumers of their good deeds will find a growing audience of socially-conscious consumers among Millennials. Mediacom's research found that 60% of consumers in this age group are willing to pay more for a brand that has a positive impact on society, and half (49%) will decide on a brand specifically for its values and beliefs.

Brand marketing agency, enso, have just released their second annual 'World Value Index' which shows "how people perceive a brand's purpose, how closely it aligns with their own values and motivations to purchase, and importantly, whether they would be willing to support the brand's purpose". In other words, how well a brand resonates with what people care about. What the Index is not, however, is a measure of what "good" the brand is doing.

"The brands at the top of the list have demonstrated their ability to create value and live up to their purpose, at least in the eyes of everyday Americans, while others' positions have fluctuated in the last year and could do more to improve their ranking," says the enso report. "According to our research, 79% of people believe that business can be a positive form of political and social change. So one thing is clear, people increasingly expect that brands cancreate change and it's something brands can no longer ignore."

At the top of the Index, similar to last year's rankings, is an interesting mixture of nonprofits (Goodwill and Girl Scouts of America), brands traditionally associated with purpose (Dove), and brands that provide everyday utility (Amazon and Google).


According to the report, "Some of these brands, like Amazon and Subway, that may not be perceived as typically "mission-driven", ranked highly because they provide people with support and necessities in their everyday life."

Bottom of the Index were tobacco, alcohol and banking brands.

Tags: brand affinity, brand marketing, loyalty marketing, social consciousness

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