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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : June 21, 2017

Less than 5% of websites can thwart a Sophisticated bot attack

Few websites can thwart a 'Simple' bot attack and even less a 'Sophisticated' attack, according to new data released by Distil Networks.

by Helen Leggatt

The ninth annual Online Trust Audit from the Online Trust Alliance reveals that very few websites can properly protect against sophisticated bot attacks.

When Distil Networks tested each of the 1,000 websites audited across retail, banking, consumer services, government, news media, ISPs and OTA members to ascertain their performance against various levels of bot attack, the findings were worrying.

Websites were tested against four levels of bot - Sophisticated, Moderate, Simple, and Crude.

Sophisticated Bots - "Low-and-slow" bots coming in from dozens of IP addresses, using browser automation tools that can hold cookies and maintain state;

Moderate Bots - Bots with normal browser user agents and headers, coming in slowly from one IP;

Simple Bots - Non-browser user agents and headers, coming in fast from one IP;

Crude Bots - Basic script that behaves like a bot, coming fast from one IP address.

Distil found that, while 16% of websites could deal with Simple bot attacks, only 7% were protected from bots emulating browsers, and less than 5% were protected from Sophisticated bots.

"While top websites do a better job protecting against simple bots, they continue to miss the mark in more sophisticated bots that can mimic human behavior," said Rami Essaid, CEO and co-founder of Distil Networks. "Our annual Bad Bot Report found that 75 percent of today's bad bots are advanced persistent bots that can either load JavaScript, hold onto cookies, and load up external resources, or randomize their IP address, headers and user agents. These new findings show that no industry is immune to such attacks and, along with the OTA, we are committed to raising awareness about the risks posed by bad bots."

Earlier this year, Imperva Incapsula's Bot Traffic Report revealed that, in 2016, 94.2% of all websites experienced a bot attack.

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