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BizReport : Social Marketing : May 04, 2017

What brands need to know about the Instagram influencer platform

Last month, engage:BDR launched IconicReach, an Instagram Influencer geared toward helping brands make better connections on the image-based social network. Through the platform, marketers can find relevant influencers using Instagram, and from there better plan campaigns on the social network.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What do digital brands need to know about the influencer trend?

Ted Dhanik, CEO & Co-Founder, engage:BDR: Influencer marketing is a great way to connect with audiences in a genuine way (when executed properly, of course). One of our most unexpected tips is to not underestimate micro-influencers. Working with genuine content and very relevant influencers is really key to success in this channel, and micro-influencers are often a great way to achieve that, since they maintain niche audiences and see great engagement. Obviously, scale is important, but we're aiming to help marketers ensure that that scale is reached in a way that doesn't sacrifice engagement, relevance, or tone.

Kristina: How can influencers help digital brands?

Ted: Many people think of influencer marketing as a way to drive sales, but influencers can also be incredibly effective in helping to build an online following for a brand. If a brand has a quality digital presence and is creating great content, being able to own their audience is huge. Brands like Glossier and Fashion Nova do this super effectively. Their products are exposed to audiences through influencer collaborations, but they're also driving people to opt-in to follow the brand account. This works because they are pumping out fantastic content, which creates a win-win for consumers, who are self-selecting to receive the brand messaging, and the brand, who now owns an audience they can message directly.

Kristina: Is this the time for brands to try to build relevance through influencers?

Ted: Absolutely! More and more people are connecting with their favorite influencers online, so the opportunities for marketers are growing. Additionally, new tech is allowing the process of influencer discovery, campaign planning, transaction, execution, and validation to be streamlined, making this type of marketing accessible to brands who may not have the resources to dedicate a team to it.

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