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BizReport : Search Marketing : May 04, 2017

Top 4 tips to get more from AdWords

Google AdWords have been a part of digital marketing for more than a decade, and yet many small businesses continue to struggle with the best way to use this tool. We asked Manta CEO John Swanciger to weigh in; here are his top 4 tips.

by Kristina Knight

Enforce keyword branding

"To start Google AdWords campaigns off on the right foot, small business owners should familiarize themselves with the different options for keyword branding: branded, non-branded and competitive conquesting. First, branded keywords refer to the word or phrase used to search for a company name. This strategy is used when a company relies on its name or variations of its name to covert leads to sales. No small business should rely entirely on this strategy to recruit new customers, but it's useful in countering competitors who may be trying to buy your company name as a keyword," said John Swanciger, CEO, Manta. "Non-branded keywords are general terms related to your service or products. Small businesses can harness this strategy for capturing customer searches related to pricing, reviews or location. Finally, competitive conquesting is when you bid on your competitors' brand names as keywords to redirect their customers' searches to your business."

Adopt a broad match policy

"Broad match search is when a searcher uses a single word in a small business' keyword phrase. Though this match type reaches the largest audience, it can also lead to some unrelated clicks. To negate irrelevant traffic, small business owners can download a search terms report to identify the keywords that generate the most website clicks," said Swanciger.

Target based on planned location reach

"Location is highly important for paid search. The best way for small business owners to take advantage of location settings is by identifying the range their business serves and the areas they want to serve in the future," said Swanciger. "Companies can specify location by state, city, zip code, pin-drop level or a combination of these options. Location advertising is the best tactic for targeting local customers."

Optimize ad copy

"Optimizing ad copy is key to garnering clicks and conversions, so small business owners should educate themselves on expanded text ads and ad extensions. Expanded text ads have two headline fields and a longer description field, which allows small businesses to list more information and better target customers with strategic ad copy. Ad extensions are more informative, strengthening small business' visibility and leading to more clicks. While there are many different types of ad extensions that allow for more words per ad, it's important to carefully craft ad copy to avoid wasting valuable space," said Swanciger.

Manta experts share more tips for making the most of paid search here.

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