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BizReport : Ecommerce : May 19, 2017

Top 3 tips for cross-channel personalization

Seamless customer experiences, across all channels both online and offline, is key to brands engaging with customer. But, aside from contact information, and past purchases, most organizations don't have deep insights into their customers' behaviors and interests. Here are three tips to better personalize across channels.

by Kristina Knight

Focus on customer identification and data enrichment, while understanding which data is the most relevant and actionable.

"Too many projects overly emphasize investments and focus on the interaction channels and not enough on how to identify customers through those channels. The bottom line is that if you can't identify customers through the interaction channels, you can't engage with them in a meaningful way," said Bernard Chung, Head of Global Solutions Marketing, SAP Hybris. "Businesses must integrate their customer relationship management (CRM) systems with data sources from other customer touchpoints, [and] need to consider new approaches and programs that will enable them to capture additional customer behavior information that will provide deeper insights. For example, ASICS put together the "Foot ID" program, where they would measure customers' feet in 3-D and put them on a treadmill to record their running. Then, the company performs an analysis on the best type of shoes that would fit the customer's foot and running style. Foot ID allows ASICS to identify their customers and capture valuable behavior information about them."

Real-time identification and response to customer opportunities

"Once you have the data in play, you need to access and evaluate it on a real-time basis and identify which channel the opportunity lies," said Chung. "Track individual customer journeys. This not only allows companies to react to purchasing decisions or inquiries in real-time, but also provides the actionable data on patterns followed by target consumers. Customers want to be shown a specific offer designed for them. If the system can analyze past activity and purchases based on styles, types of product, or size, it can provide a customized recommendation."

Integrated Customer Experience

"A customer experience is only good as the weakest link in the sequence of channels, devices, and departments that customers engage with. If the experience is personalized and relevant on the website, but the call center doesn't recognize or know any interaction history, it becomes counterproductive when trying to deliver the best experience," said Chung. "Don't limit the channels to just a few interaction channels. Marketers should consider the entire customer journey and ensure that the best experiences are delivered seamlessly across these channels and devices. Omnichannel touchpoints incorporate aspects of both the physical and digital channels of shopping. The customer is not the only party that needs to be involved in the shopping experience. Brands should actively be taking action according to real-time engagements, whether that means engaging via a social media response or using brick and mortar technology to simplify pain points of the in-store shopping experiences."

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