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BizReport : Research archives : May 31, 2017

Reports: VR interest high, adoption slow

While the overall interest in virtual reality continues to be high, adoption continues to be slow. That's the word from Worldpay's The 360 consumer: how VR is reshaping the buying experience. In fact, most people believe VR's biggest influence will be in shopping.

by Kristina Knight

Researchers found that 65% of people think virtual reality's biggest impact will be in shopping - allowing consumers to 'try on' clothing, shoes, and accessories from the comfort of their home rather than a store fitting room.

China is leading the way in VR adoption with 93% reporting that they've used a VR or AR device; just over half of US respondents say they've used a device.

In the US, just over half 54% say they want to see VR tech in stores; younger consumers are more likely to want the tech (72%).

"Virtual reality is quickly becoming a consumer level technology and has the potential to transform the retail landscape by expanding merchants' interactions beyond just mobile and social" said Casey Bullock, General Manager for North America at Worldpay. "With virtual and augmented reality, merchants can not only save consumers time, but offer a more immersive shopping experience, and ideally provide payment options that consumers can complete while remaining fully immersed in that world."

As to why US consumers are - or are not - checking out VR, Worldpay's poll found nearly half (43%) haven't tried it out because they don't have a device that is VR-ready. About one-third (34%) say they 'haven't needed to use it. They also found that nearly one-fifth (24%) haven't use VR more often because they haven't had the opportunity to do so.

Other interesting findings from the consumer side of the poll include:

• 38% believe VR will be use in some way or form by 'most people'
• 37% say VR will be 'regularly used' by most people
• 44% believe VR's main uses will be 'fun'
• 41% believe the main use will be to experience things/places they wouldn't ordinarily have the opportunity for

Some of the most popular areas for VR according to consumers include travel experiences (85%), live entertainment (79%), and immersive gaming (63%).

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  • tobywells

    VR is stil a costly feature for business to adopt widely, takes time to make a technology affordable



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