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BizReport : Advertising archives : May 17, 2017

Expert: What brands can learn from inbound marketing

There is a wealth of data at the fingertips of digital brands - from online shopping habits to digital traffic patterns to previous purchases. The same can be said about call data, but according to one expert, brands need to be doing more with the data mined from inbound calls.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What types of data can be mined from phone calls?

Jason Flaks, Senior Director of Product & Engineering, Speech Analytics, Marchex: There is a tremendous amount of data that can be mined from a phone calls. This includes where the customer originated from (search, social, etc.), whether a customer converted or abandoned, why they may have abandoned, what they were intending to purchase (i.e. the offline shopping cart), and customer perception of brand messaging, products, promotions, and sales staff.

Kristina: How do brands go about collecting this data?
Jason: To collect call data and fully take advantage of the insights it can provide, businesses should invest in end-to-end technology that can track the entire customer journey. For example, we recently launched Marchex Speech Analytics, which aggregates and analyzes call data, helping brands understand what happens on inbound phone calls from consumers to their business.

Kristina: How does AI factor in to all of this?

Jason: Artificial Intelligence requires a machine to approximate two things humans do: perceive what is going on and take action based on those perceptions. To that end, AI requires a "better than human" ability to understand or perceive human conversation or dialogue. Data from phone calls is proving to be the best source to complete this AI puzzle, enabling businesses to let machines learn from previous customer interactions, take action and improve processes. That action may range from automatically retargeting customers with relevant messaging, to developing bots that respond just as a human would.

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