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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : May 04, 2017

Expert: Fall maintenance preps for Black Friday

While the summer months should be used to look into ways a website is not ready for the rush of holiday shoppers, the autumn months are a time to make a few last minute tweaks to prep for the big rush. One expert explains how to use the fall months to prep for the holiday rush

by Kristina Knight

First, in October look at natural load increases. When the calendar flips over to October, people will naturally begin pre-shopping. Check in with your merchant site to make sure these daily increases are being handled correctly.

"See how natural load increases are affecting your system. By early October, you'll likely start to see traffic increase on a daily basis. Natural traffic growth can provide a better test backdrop than they load testing you engineer because it typically reveals surprises. Your Black Friday preparations should all be in place by now," said Justin Barney, CEO, ScaleArc.

Then, in November begin full-on traffic analysis.

"Organizations with high Black Friday loads report Black Friday traffic being a 10X to 15X spike over rest-of-year numbers. Some organizations see as much as a 5X spike on Black Friday compared to Thanksgiving Thursday - it can be a dramatic traffic ramp," said Barney. "If you've been leveraging analytics throughout the year, any last-minute adjustments should be minor, and most likely based on an unexpected traffic increase in October that signals higher traffic rates on Black Friday."

Finally, in December, get ready for more analysis. Look to how your merchant site performed, and begin brainstorming fixes that will improve upon 2018 performance.

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