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BizReport : Loyalty Marketing : May 23, 2017

60% of Millennials will pay more for a brand that has positive impact on society

Social consciousness is leading to four in ten consumers abandoning brands that they do not feel make a positive impact on society, according to new research from Mediacom.

by Helen Leggatt

Forty percent of U.K. consumers have ceased to use, or avoided altogether, a brand they feel does not speak to their values, while 35% had specifically purchase a brand because of its values and beliefs.

However, Mediacom's research also found that even brands that have their hearts in the right place are facing a challenge. Many consumers said they were sceptical of brands that claim to support good causes, while two-thirds (65%) think brands overstate their environmental credentials.

Those brands that can convince consumers of their good deeds will find a growing audience of socially-conscious consumers among Millennials. Mediacom's research found that 60% of consumers in this age group are willing to pay more for a brand that has a positive impact on society, and half (49%) will decide on a brand specifically for its values and beliefs.

"As a society, we are heading towards mass adoption of purpose," said Pauline Robson, managing partner and head of Real World Insight, MediaCom's research arm.
"The fact remains that a brand's purpose is hugely influential in attracting an audience and a customer base."

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  • Nice to read, Helen. More than 50% millennials look for the specific brands and would like to pay even more for them. That is the reason why we’ve seen a hike in customer base and revenue for a few well-known companies only.

  • JustMe

    Re: "60% of consumers in this age group are willing to pay more for a brand that has a positive impact on society" Intent is nice, especially in youngsters to think they can change the world with intent.

    Follow up question: ARE Mills paying more NOW, right now, for brands with positive impact? $ where their mouth is? Walking the talk? There MUST be some companies out there who are right NOW having a positive world impact... who are those companies & who are the Mills blowing the financial doors off these companies with loyal $$$ support.
    Or, is it more likely all image & talk, since Mills would have to take the time to research supply chains on a regular basis to even KNOW of companies who have a positive impact in a sustaining way (vs PR stunt).

    I call the bluff of Mills. If they walk the talk, them why are they in hoards supporting fast fashion... selective conscience?



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