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BizReport : Social Marketing : April 26, 2017

Expert: Why B2Bers need social

The Lynkos business network connects more than 2 million businesses around the globe, helping those brands to find not only customers and clients, but partners for the digital space. And, as a Lynkos exec explains, this kind of social networking is key for brands' success in the 21st century.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: We've seen B2C brands run to social media, but we don't hear as much about B2B brands in social - why is that?

Federico Cella, CEO & Founder, Lynkos: Mainly because the broader audience that social media offers is more aligned with the broader markets targeted by B2C brands. Also, while B2C brands usually rely more on their marketing efforts, B2B brands' more complex and longer sales processes usually involve a lot more resource allocation to sales teams and account managers.

Kristina: Is social media a natural evolution for B2B brands?

Federico: Feeding sales leads at top-of-funnel level is key to any business; and B2B brands are leveraging social media more and more everyday. Maybe not as visible as B2C's, but they are there and there's a lot going on behind the scene in terms of AI and automated lead generation processes which feed from social media. This evolution has already started and we'll be seeing a lot of developments in that direction.

Kristina: What does social have to offer B2Bs?

Federico: Static databases that would be part of any sales development effort in the past are now obsolete. The vital piece of information sales teams need today is out there, in the social ecosystem. What people think, what are their interests, who are the influencers, who are they connected to, how are they connected to them, etc. And all this is valid also for B2B brands, both at the level of people working for them or at the brand level itself.

Kristina: For B2B brands, what are your top 3 tips in creating a solid social presence?

Federico: 1. Being active & consistent in sharing valuable content.
2. Structuring a process through which social interactions can be converted into qualified sales leads.
3. Amplifying their brand presence & credibility by engaging your current customers in social media.

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