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BizReport : Advertising archives : February 08, 2017

Expert: Why 'funny' isn't enough for ads

From Budweiser's immigration themed spot to Heinz's decision not to advertise at all, people have been talking about the ad offerings from Super Bowl XI. Ask ten people who watched Sunday night's Super Bowl which was the best commercial, and you'll likely get ten different answers. But, there is a theme developing - a theme of doing more than funny with ads.

by Kristina Knight

"This year's ads were divided between those which made a passionate point and those that opted out entirely. Companies like Pepsi and Skittles stuck to shallow, straightforward little bits which most consumers will probably forget almost immediately. On the other hand, Anheuser-Busch's politically-loaded jab at the immigration ban will indisputably prompt more conversation than any other ad, although possibly at the expense of causing a boycott," said Doug Randall, CEO, Monitor 360.

Why the switch from year's past when funny was the name of the game? According to Randall, some of the change is likely due to where the US stands as a nation.

"In this stage as a nation, we've passed the era where funniness is enough. A cute kid or a celebrity aren't sufficient to drive real customer loyalty when it comes to ads. If companies want to resonate with today's audiences, they need to take a stronger stand and tap into deeper narratives. If you're going to invest five million dollars in a thirty second message, you want it to take root," said Randall.

So, how does this bode for advertisers moving forward? According to Randall, the engagement in this year's ad offerings is a signal to offer more.

"Companies that took the middle route--like Audi, which appealed to female empowerment or even the NFL advertisements leading up to the event, which touched on diversity and resilience in America--provide good examples of how businesses can connect themselves with a larger narrative without ostracizing any users. This should be the end-goal of any brand: to become part of a bigger message, one that people believe in," said Randall.

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