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BizReport : Advertising : February 27, 2017

Expert: Data key for financial campaigns

More and more, consumers are using mobile devices to monitor their financial accounts or even make stock trades. That, says one expert, is why financial brands must not only key in on data for better targeting.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What trends are you seeing in digital financial marketing?

Ray Kingman, Semcasting: In financial digital campaigns the key trend we are seeing is an increased focus on anything mobile - especially in the context of mobile location, cross-location and cross-device targeting.

The other trend is a demand for better proof points from marketing that the audience being targeted, is the audience that's actually receiving the advertising. By extension, that audience must then be linked to both multiple promotional channels (digital, TV, social, direct mail, store fronts, etc.) and home, work and commercial points of sale. The financial institutions are out front demanding that there should always be traceable proof for marketing spend. Those financial service marketers require links to the digital promotional experience, with all online and offline consumer activity, to validate and attribute a return on investment for their advertising spend.

Kristina: How can brands better use data for this vertical?

Ray: The key to better data for digital financial service marketing is to use multi- variable analytics to prequalify your audience before you run a single impression. Rather than testing dozens of blind "intender" segments and hope for the best, maximize your return on investment by designing your best audience upfront.

We are past the time in digital marketing where a financial service company is forced to make blind guesses. Working online today can be the same as building a mailing list for direct mail. Transparency and reach are the keys: The ability to map to IPs immediately buys you cross-device and cross-channel capabilities with near 100% reach to any target audience.

Kristina: What problem does Semcasting answer for financial marketers?

Ray: The key to the Semcasting solution for financial services is the reach we can provide with IP targeting and the routine Matchback capability. With Matchback, we can uniquely link out of the box, across channels because of the universal ID we use to map the offline (direct mail, call centers, locations, email) to online (display, social, websites) touch points of the consumer experience in financial service marketing.

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