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BizReport : February 27, 2017 Archive

February 27, 2017 Archive

Ecommerce | February 27, 2017

Survey finds email pressure for retailers

New data out from Coherent Path indicates retailers are feeling the pressure to send even more emails to their list members. That's a key takeaway from their new report, in which researchers found that more than half are sending at least 3 emails each week, and that nearly two-thirds 'feel pressure' to send even more emails. >>

Email Marketing | February 27, 2017

Report: Email, mobile key to retail success

Based on 2016 trends, experts with Sailthru believe email and mobile will be key for retailers' success in 2017. That, according to the 2017 Digital Retail Innovation Report, which also reports that 1 in 5 marketers as saying they fell short of their 2016 goals. >>

Advertising | February 27, 2017

Expert: Data key for financial campaigns

More and more, consumers are using mobile devices to monitor their financial accounts or even make stock trades. That, says one expert, is why financial brands must not only key in on data for better targeting. >>

Advertising | February 27, 2017

"Fat" ads slowing down publishers' websites

More than four in ten online ads are too "fat", according to a new report from Ad Lightning, slowing down websites, annoying users. >>

Research | February 27, 2017

IoT making impact on business but barriers remain

A new study funded by IBM and ARM reveals that while business leaders are seeing positive impacts from the Internet of Things, barriers to adoption remain. >>

Advertising | February 27, 2017

CPG brands spending more on digital ads than traditional

CPG brands are now spending more on digital advertising than on traditional forms, according to a new survey from Cadent Consulting Group. >>