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BizReport : Advertising archives : January 12, 2017

Report: Gen Z set to challenge marketers

As the eldest of Generation Z start to turn 17, new research from Kantar Millward Brown reveals they could cause advertisers and agencies a big headache.

by Helen Leggatt

Born after 2000, Generation Z currently constitute more than 2billion people on earth. However, as big as this emerging consumer demographic is, Kantar Millward Brown's new report, 'AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z' reveals this fickle generation have very short attention spans, use ad blockers, and are design conscious.

According to the report, advertising that will attract Gen Z must be short (10 seconds), as this ad-skipping generation more likely to avoid online advertising and are less tolerant to it than previous generations. The study found the Gen Z skip ads three seconds earlier than Gen Xs (35-50 year olds) and 69% of Gen Z respondents claim they like ads they can skip, compared to 56% Gen Xs. Gen Z are also much more attracted to advertising they can help co-create, or shape what happens, rather than links to more information, which is what Gen Y and X prefer.

"Gen Z have grown up in an on-demand world of infinite choice, and this flavours their expectations of advertising," said Duncan Southgate, global brand director, media and digital at Kantar Millward Brown.

Celebrities in advertising don't really speak to Gen Z either, but they do love music and are three times more receptive to ads that are funny.

However, Gen Z are also more likely to block ads altogether. More than two-thirds (69%) are avoiding ads, or using ad blocking software, compared to the global average of 50%. Gen Z dislike invasive ads with a passion, and want brands to respect their online space. Mobile rewards videos and pre-video snippets that can be skipped are viewed more positively.

"No generation is a monolith and Gen Z is no exception," said Southgate. "Their upbringing, expectations and access to technology, however, has created a range of attitudes and behaviours that will challenge marketers. Only where brands take all this into consideration will they be successful in engaging this increasingly critical and fast-emerging group of consumers."

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